How to create a Barn and other structures

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How to create a Barn and other structures

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How to create a Barn and other Medieval Structs?


I'm Trying to create a typical Medieval/ Fantasy setting and the buildings in the DBases won't work for me. I need to create Silos, Barns, Farmhouses, Town buildings, etc. The triangular design of the buildings doesn't match my idea of typical D&D style fantasy. If possible, I would like to work in a joint effort with someone in creating a new campaign set based on "The Belgariad" by David Eddings. While I'm at it. Does anyone know where to get trees and shrubs other than pine and jungle plants?

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Chances are the easiest (relatively speaking) way for you would be to edit (alter) the existing models with the Surreal Modeler. If you have someone on your team that has MAX (and knows how to use it) you're obviously better off making them from scratch and using the max exporters that came with the recent tools release.

Exporting the existing models from the game for use with the modeler is pretty straight forward. Just select the model and use "export" under FILE on the db window.

Once you get that far you'll just have to play around with the modeler to figure it out. It doesn't exactly work with standard modeling conventions but it isn't too bad.

Anyways to export the models in drakan to some format for editing purposes?


I was looking around through the level editor and messing with the model tab. I know there is some way to edit stuff only thing I found so far was textures. Is there some way to edit the models as well? Or would I have to build an all new model from scratch? Basicaly hehe is there anyway to export the models in drakan out to some file format to be edited?


You need the most current tools if you don't have them. Click on the model you want and then under file of the database window is export. Use the modeler to edit them...which is mildly covered in another recent thread.

note: currently you cant export characters or models which use textures that include alpha maps.

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