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Postby shoprat » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:47 pm


OK I give up how do you put archways up and form the layers around it smoothly? I can make caves but when it come to the archways i am totally lost. I have loaded up other maps and I still could not figure it out. Some help would be appreciated.

Name a couple specific examples of geometry you would like to be able to reproduce. Use simple choices first. (easier on the both of us,teaching/learning)

I think I figured out an archway I can use. There is so many objects that as soon as I give up, I find something I can use. I still don't know how to use certain archways. I don't know how to use Arch 01,02 in the tropical common database under the succubi building blocks. I see how to use the Entrance 01. Do I need to look for entrances instead of doors or is there a way to use the doors? Also I am interested in knowing how you got flat vertical surfaces in Relic. Are those walls objects or layers? When you say geometry are you asking for the specific size of the layer I am trying to attach the entrance to? Do you need specific sizes to fit archways, doorways, or entrances to? I am sorry I am throwing all of these questions at you. This is the first map editor I have ever used. I don't know why I have chosen Drakan to pick up the qauntlet but I really enjoyed making SeaBattle even though it took me over 3 weeks. I figured out most of the editor through trial and error. That is not a 100% method. Is there anywhere I can go to get information on map building that includes in depth descriptions and definitions? Thanks for your help. Estabin

Most building block type pieces like the arch1,2 models you mentioned do not work with landscape...but rather work with other models within thier group. To get the landscape to transition you use the "entrance" piece of that group...which is easily workable with landscape. So to get to arch01 you would do: landscape -> entrance -> arch01.

The straight peices in Relic are classtype: building, using a model that looks like a wall.

Btw to see what is going on with any object in a level just right click on it and select edit. It will show you where the object is in the databases and open the class properties to display its classtype,parameters and model used.

Size of layer isn't a requirement for anything. 'Most' of those entrance pieces interface with 4 vertices in a straight line along x or z (traditionally x or y) with the two middle ones being raised in some increment of 1024 on y.

I think the Succubi ones are 3072 high if i remember it correctly.

I usually use the vertex tool (f5) to get precise control over things when meshing landscape up to entrance models.

So far there still is not a resource such as you ask for...hopefully one day when one of us gets the time we can do some more work on the designlounge.

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