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Anything to do with Drakan level editing and modifications, post it here! Also this is the place to tell us about your new levels and get player feedback.

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Surreal Art Forum FAQ

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Surreal Art Forum FAQ

Q: What is a REO?

A: REO stands for Riot Engine Object. It’s simply a proprietary model format used for Surreal’s Riot Engine. In addition to the basic model information, the REO format also includes texture map coordinates and bounding information used for collision response in the RIOT ENGINE.

Q: What is a REC?

A: Like the REO format the REC stands for Riot Engine Character. This format differs from the REO format in that is carries with it vertex weight information for animations.

Q: What is a REA?

A: If you haven’t guessed already REA stands for Riot Engine Animation. These are motion files exported from Softimage and MAX for use in the Riot Engine Editor.

Q: How do I get a Riot Engine License?

A: Contact the Licensing Dept and Surreal at [email protected]. For a list of features, check out Riot Engine page.

Q: Under file types, Caligari Object is listed. Does this mean I can load Truespace models into the level editor?

A: This format was included long, long ago and isn’t supported. Use at your own risk.

Q: The polygon I’ve textured appears as a single vertex in the texture mapping window.

A: Use shift and click on the vertex in the Mapping window and drag apart. You can see the mapping update in real-time so you can figure out which order they go in.

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