'New' mods from Surreal

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'New' mods from Surreal

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Passed these off to AT a few days ago. There's a zip file on the mods page that has 19 'new' mods I found on the old surreal site. Most of the dresses for Rynn are skimpy outfits but the rest are interesting changes of skin-tone, hair, eyes and outfits. The weapon mods will be interesting to reverse engineer. Thanks to all for their work.

Credits for mods:

Male Rynn - Anonymous
Dresses - Frederik Schroer
Amazone and Crow Rynn- Martin Weise
Unreal Rynn - Scorp
Ice Bow, Soul Bleeder, and Throwing Stars - Lucindrea
Witchblade, Demon, Lizard, Sirene, and Vampirella - Michael Noll

The mods have instructions for their use by the developers in their zip file. You can find them on the mods/tc page. Have fun with them.


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