Drakan: 10th Anniversary - Roadmap

**Archived** Shelim's mod for Drakan which celebrates 10 years of the game and adds new features and fixes some bugs. Note this is now rendered obsolete by the Community Patch however if you play single player only you can still use this mod.

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Drakan: 10th Anniversary - Roadmap

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Drakan: 10th Anniversary roadmap

Previous version
  • Fixed crash-to-desktop on certain (mostly) ATI cards
Current version
  • Removed normal distortion for certain textures (Rynn's and other human's faces)
  • CRC for certain "detectors" (like menu, skybox, etc.) won't be hardcoded and will be available in Mod10th/CRC (for custom content creators)
Next version
  • Fixed "memory cannot be read", crash-to-desktop level error that can very rarely happen while using Arokh's flame (secondary attack)
  • Fixed strange glitches, that happen rarely on some graphics cards
In longer run
  • Eliminate allocations per frame (will boost speed with low amount of available RAM)
  • Autoupdater fixes (option to disable automatic update, or ignore specific version)
  • Textures/Shaders gallery available directly within Launcher
  • Alpha-operations optimizations (should give 5-15% FPS boost on lower-end hardawre)
  • SSE support for all vertex calculation (Pentium 3+ required, this should give another 5% of speed boost)
  • Fixed bug which will give incorrect render region while changing resolution in game (this will lower FPS by about 5-10%)
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Re: Drakan: 10th Anniversary - Roadmap

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I'd love to see the updated version.
I don't install things that have an "Auto-update" feature that I cannot turn off. I never allow anything to update by itself.
Thanks for your work though.