Why open source is so messy ?

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Why open source is so messy ?

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This is completely off topic but it irritates me enough to share my opinion !

Why is there no organization/foundation guiding the progress of open source projects ? Why the business model of this "industry" is so chaotic.

Look, you have so much Linux distros , so much waste of ressources and time in many open-sources games . Why 5 First-P-Shooters rated at 20% in magazines rather just 1 FPS open source engine moddable at 100% ? Nexuiz, Open-Arena, Alien invasion , Assault cube .. not even better than Q2 or Q3 ! Seeing developpers wasting time on making a "doom-chocolate" or other remake of DNukem 3d just makes me want to cry :(

When you think about it, nowadays, one can have , lets say, just 2 generic open-source game !

A GTA-like with character creation (so include : racing, figthing, rpg)
A AOE-like ( 0 AD is the only open-souce game which match the commercial level in my opinion and is convenient for all RTS)

If the open-source community rethinks its crowd funding philosophy in a good way, it will ask contributors to finance the creation of a open-source
GTA-like game with all the tools needed for artists to create character, import assets, scripts scenario .. 100% moddable.

This will split better the tasks between pro programmers and amateur artists. I think, once again, having 10 different engines to develop laggy games (unity 3d, ogre, .. etc) is, once again, a waste of time

To summerize : open-source game community should create a huge crowd funding in order to finance the creation of a quality open-source GTA-like-100% moddable game.

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