Old player, no computer now

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Old player, no computer now

Post by Annalise »

I used to play ages ago during the MPlayer days and such, went by a different name then.. just wondering who's still around, I'd love to play again but can't at the moment
Just old memories and all that

Used to go by Chendith, have since grown up quite a bit so usually Aryssa, Annalise, or Navadae now. This game was a huge part of growing up for me

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Re: Old player, no computer now

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We have all moved over to the discord server now, not many people post here nowadays. There is a new community made patch that makes the game work on Windows 10 and also makes multiplayer useable again. There's even some new maps. There's a few new players and quite a few of the older ones from 20 years ago too but like you they go under different names now.

Discord link here https://discord.gg/nCMrU4p
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