Modding Enemy attacks & combos

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Modding Enemy attacks & combos

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Hi all,

Hope all is well.

I've been playing around with the New combos & expert enemies mod by dog chicken recently and have run in a to a few issues regarding enemy positioning. I know MBK had also worked on this in his Hyperion mods too, but unfortunately they all seem to have the same issue - most modded enemy attacks do not line up correctly and often trail off in completely the wrong direction from the character or just look really out of place.

So I've been trying to mitigate this issue by removing these movements ( mostly attacks ) and adding more suitable ones. I thought I was onto something but the more I play test the worse it gets.

Just wondering if anyone else here has had the same issue here or has had any experience with adding new enemy attacks and combos.... and if you think it's worth persevering?

I think if each enemy type had a few more random attacks and combos nicely implemented into their normal combat routines it would really spice things up. Also, the aforementioned mods have done a great job in many respects and the authors are much better modders than I'll ever be so I don't mean to sound disrespectful either here.

Thanks all,

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