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Drakan: 10th Anniversary - Roadmap

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:30 pm
by Shelim
Drakan: 10th Anniversary roadmap

Previous version
  • Fixed crash-to-desktop on certain (mostly) ATI cards
Current version
  • Removed normal distortion for certain textures (Rynn's and other human's faces)
  • CRC for certain "detectors" (like menu, skybox, etc.) won't be hardcoded and will be available in Mod10th/CRC (for custom content creators)
Next version
  • Fixed "memory cannot be read", crash-to-desktop level error that can very rarely happen while using Arokh's flame (secondary attack)
  • Fixed strange glitches, that happen rarely on some graphics cards
In longer run
  • Eliminate allocations per frame (will boost speed with low amount of available RAM)
  • Autoupdater fixes (option to disable automatic update, or ignore specific version)
  • Textures/Shaders gallery available directly within Launcher
  • Alpha-operations optimizations (should give 5-15% FPS boost on lower-end hardawre)
  • SSE support for all vertex calculation (Pentium 3+ required, this should give another 5% of speed boost)
  • Fixed bug which will give incorrect render region while changing resolution in game (this will lower FPS by about 5-10%)

Re: Drakan: 10th Anniversary - Roadmap

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:00 pm
by Guest
I'd love to see the updated version.
I don't install things that have an "Auto-update" feature that I cannot turn off. I never allow anything to update by itself.
Thanks for your work though.