Hi - I'm new and i want to MOD

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Hi - I'm new and i want to MOD

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As i really don"t find a similar game which match the same level of gameplay, i really want to create some mod functions and characters :D

But I have some questions :

- How can i get max 2.5 , i cant find anywhere, nor i can buy it somewhere :( . Is there a portable version ?
- If i want to transform an existing character, (ie. the dwarf) can i import it directly in 3ds ? Or I need the the same model
but already converted to 3ds format ? does anybody did that ?
- I want to create some extra "health bar" , for the moment, one have breath . Motivation bar which leads to altered behaviour ? Can we program this easily ? I dont see tutorials explaining how we can mod the engine of the game , what is the reaching point of mod ?
- Is there a project to update the game in a new engine ?

Kind regards :)

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