Any plan to stale on steam or greenlight?

**Archived** Shelim's mod for Drakan which celebrates 10 years of the game and adds new features and fixes some bugs. Note this is now rendered obsolete by the Community Patch however if you play single player only you can still use this mod.

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Any plan to stale on steam or greenlight?

Post by Juicycool »

When i was kid, i was played this game quite a lots!
(But sadly i stuck at chapter 5or 6 i guess thats a bug, and im not good at save game lol)
Overfew years, i remember this game and find this forum! Seems dead but ill giving a try.

As you know(or not) steam or gog is a good game platform as old game too.
Why dont u repair(mean support window7 8 10 or something) major problom and publish game again with charge?


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Re: Any plan to stale on steam or greenlight?

Post by Arokhs Twin »

Hi there,
Sony own the trademark to the Drakan games and it would be up to them to put it on GOG / Steam. It is highly unlikely they will do this seem as they no longer make PC games except for MMO's.
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