More Weapons slots / item , weapon limit mod ?

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Re: More Weapons slots / item , weapon limit mod ?

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Somehow I manage to add more weapons slots (16) 2-3 years ago using this topic (But really I do not remember how). I can send this "mod" to everyone just send me a e-mail.:

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Re: More Weapons slots / item , weapon limit mod ?

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I know I am ressurecting this thread from the dead, but I have installed BoD recently (good old nostalgia) and I have succesfully managed to get a lot of weapons thanks to this thread, but I still cannot find a way to increase the maximum items on me, and this is a huge problem, because I cannot pick up the Fetish on Tombs of Ephyra, even after drinking a power potion. Fucking ghost medallion, shouldn't have gotten it :D
So, hopefully anyone can explain to me where to go and increase the item limit so I can continiue my Barbarian massacre

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answer is in your own yt film description:
l'aria fresca,
vino puro, ...

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