Upload Drakan:TAG ISO please

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Upload Drakan:TAG ISO please

Post by drakan9bc4 »

I have been looking for drakan:the ancient gates in stores but haven't found yet.I was wondering if someone can help me upload the complete game on ftp or mediafire.

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Amazon can hook you up pretty quickly.... if you have a credit card.

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Post by AXE »

I was curious when you mentioned MediaFire, to share files with. Here's there disclaimer.

MediaFire supports all file types (up to 100MB in file size) as long as they fully comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

Do not upload any copyrighted files that you don't own the rights to or don't have permission from the owner to distribute even if you have no intent of actually distributing them.

This is one reason why I run a home ftp program, for people to download the gold pack. As a business, its not legal to allow someone to host files of the sort you talk about.[8D]

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We cannot upload software as it is illegal; please do not ask anyone to do this for you.

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