placing the stones

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chicken stomper

placing the stones

Postby chicken stomper » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:12 am

I found the three stones (odd, curious, strange) but if I forgot to place the one stone where I rescued Perry at the time I actually rescue Perry, I cannot go back and find it. It seems like it's gone. The cave is there, the elevator goes up and I take the second elevator just like before, but that's it. No trace of the area where I found Perry.

Is there a way to find the place to put the last stone after you have already rescued Perry? Kind of maddening. I carried all three of the "special swords" around for the entire game to this point (taking up precious little inventory slots) and now I cannot get the last one wherein I can sell all four to get the really great sword.

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Re: placing the stones

Postby shoprat » Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:29 am

You're in the wrong spot. You're in the cave where you get the key to open the door to the right cave. You need to be in the cave that's by the pond south of the dragongate. You have to fly down and swim the pond to get to the door. You have to climb boxes to change levels in the cave Perry is trapped in.

I hope you're using the secondary attack on the special swords. And did you know they can be recharged at the Alchemist's shop? It's a lot of fun trying them out on different npcs. The last time I played the game as 1-1-1 and took all 4 magic swords and Mornbringer into Stratos so you don't have to let Brek keep them.

After you play thru the game maxed out as fighter, archer and mage a few times, it's a challenge to see if you can make it through as level 1. If you don't use armor it gives you a few more spots for swords. Fireball, lightning, and the special swords will get you through. Try keeping Arohk with just fireball too. It's a whole new game. Don't forget to duck.

You don't need to carry the swords with you all the time. I drop stuff on the floors of all the blacksmith's shops and it's always there when I come back. Just remember to get it before changing levels.

chicken stomper

Re: placing the stones

Postby chicken stomper » Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:52 am

Hey thanks, You're right, I got confused and went to the wrong place. Thanks for all the info. I love this game and will probably try what you suggested. Yeah, I do drop stuff at Berek's (SP?) shop in Surdana, but I kept the swords with me since this time I wanted to put most of my experience points on Archery.

The secondary mode for those swords are great. I tied to pace myself so the secondary mode for all of them is used up by the time I sell them to Berek for the one really cool one. They do significant damage without having to pony up the Mele points (using my skill points for Archery)

Thanks, again, Cheers.

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