Call of community for WB and discord

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Call of community for WB and discord

Post by pumab »

Is there anyone out there who is willing to create a nice petition on for Warner Bros ?
something like this: ... 5c7717dafa

You guys could also create an offical Drakan Discord server to gather some people!

I write this here only as a suggestion , my english is not the best to write the petition up. Thanks for considering !

Also feel free to spam them with e-mail about drakan:

[email protected]

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Re: Call of community for WB and discord

Post by Arokhs Twin »

This has been done before to no avail. There are not enough people who have played this game that would see the petition and sign it so we wouldn't get nowhere near the required number of signatures.

As for a Discord server I have set one up called Teekus_Games channel Drakan.
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