Arokh disappearing glitch solved! (a bit late don't you think?)

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Arokh disappearing glitch solved! (a bit late don't you think?)

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So I see in a few posts about this so-called-game-ending glitch. I don't know if I have an early version of the game or not, but I am using a US copy of the game from 2002. The glitch that involves losing Arokh in the Northern Tundra/Ravenshold or Kragmor/Surdana can be undone. If you forgot to bring Arokh to a location and you go back and he is not there, then you need to go back to location that you went to. This is because Arokh actually did come with you, the game programmed it that way. Of course Arokh is not with you yet. So what you do is go back to where the transition save activate and then exit out out the save screen. This will reset Rynn's position with Arokh teleported right behind you.

1. Venture in the Northern Tundra without Arokh from Ravenshold
2. Once in the Northern Tundra, head back to the transition save that leads to Ravenshold
3. Exit the save screen and then Arokh should be teleported behind you.

However, keep in mind if you do this going into Surdana from Kragmor. Make sure you did not complete Kragmor. Otherwise the gate will close behind you and you can't get Arokh back then. You can also use this to get Arokh teleported close to you if you realized you forgot him before going into a new area. This way you won't have to run back outside, get Arokh, and then bring him back in.
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