Drakan available on Good old Games?

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Drakan available on Good old Games?

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There is a wishlist over at GOG.com which you can add comments to try and get Drakan available on their site. It's a slim chance I know but please see the main blog post for more info:-

http://www.arokhslair.net/wp/general/vo ... n-gog-com/
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Re: Drakan available on Good old Games?

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Done! Wouldn't that be cool!? :D
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Re: Drakan available on Good old Games?

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4027 votes. Not much in the grand scheme of things. But it appears games with less votes made it on GOG. Guess it'll never happen with Drakan being Sony's IP.
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Re: Drakan available on Good old Games?

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The only games made by Surreal and available digitally are The Suffering series released on GOG.com in 2017, because they're owned by WB. The closest thing that it would ever get is digital Drakan:TAG release on PS Store when Sony will realize that they still have rights to Drakan IP (at least Drakan:TAG if not whole series).

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