Long time Drakan fan, new member

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Long time Drakan fan, new member

Post by Wren »

So judging by some of the past threads this seems like the right place to put an intro topic. If not feel free to move it mods and admins.

Anyway, I've been a fan of Drakan since about 2004, a bit after Ancient Gates came out. Ancient Gates still remains one of my favorite PS2 games and it sucks that it (and the series in general) is more underrated than it should be. Around 2008 I found out about Order of the Flame. I'm wasn't much of a PC gamer and still am not so I watched a walkthrough of the game. After seeing it I decided to get the actual game but never got around to finishing it.

Surprisingly, I didn't think to look for a Drakan forum until today. This place came up as the first result so I figured it would be a good place to try out :P I got to say the forum looks pretty good. And the main theme is really nice (haven't really tried out any of the others yet). Anyway I'm sure I'll enjoy being around the forums and hope to see some of you around as well!

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Re: Long time Drakan fan, new member

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Welcome to the forums. There's not many Drakan fan sites left but this one has the most information on the game. It's mostly single player stuff as multiplayer isn't played now.

There's some new maps for Order of the Flame and some Drakan fan fiction plus other stuff.
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Re: Long time Drakan fan, new member

Post by donkeymilk »

From what i can see, this is the numero uno Drakan site :D
I don't use the multiplayer part of Drakan,but when ever i need some info or files ,i come here first.

I wish the other Drakan game was on pc.
I do remember playing a game on the xbox or ps2 ages ago ,that had dragons all over the place.
You couldn't get away from them.
You could drive in different vehicles and on foot.
I can't remember the name ,though.

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