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Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:01 pm
by Mechanist
I suspect there's a fair chance it could be simply due to stupid anti-virus programs flagging it as malicious.
Yeah, that's very annoying alright.
It does not help that due to the "limitations" of "modern" (post-DOS) operating systems, KERNEL32.VirtualProtect is the only real way to patch other binaries at runtime - which, incidentally, is also the same approach used by malware for its own purposes.

My patch in particular does a whole bunch of such things, including redirecting the Drakan entry point code execution to user code. At least I don't place the detour right at the entry point, but hook a kernel function call instead - but I don't think it makes much difference in the end, though, as far as false positives are concerned.

Should've thought about some of the original assets being in the remake ATM just serving as placeholders.
If you were to frequent our Discord channel, you'd have seen the completely new fanmade NPC models others have submitted towards the cause.
Although of course that's still just a small fraction of what would be needed to replace all of the original NPC models, not to even mention all of the remaining models (scenery etc.), let alone the entirety of the original assets.

Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:15 pm
by Arokh
ITS 2019 how’s the remake going!!!!?

Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:05 pm
by yangez93
Welcome :)

I would like to say briefly that I decided finish work on OpenOOTF: A Drakan remake.

The game at first had to be a game where the player will have possibilities as they are in DrakanOOTF with with better graphics and new Unity Engine features.

I considered all possibilities of completing this project, one of them was simply recreating the world of Drakan OOTF in a modern engine that could attract new members and former Drakan players. I think that this way of finishing the project should simply be called fan art, not a game.

I think the work was not wasted, beacuse thanks to this project we brought here some new members and maybe encourage members to write plugins or make mods. And project certainly contributed to a greater interest in Drakan

Thanks for all members that helped me in developing this project

Of course, I encourage you to look at my other projects, I will publish new topics on the Arokh's Lair, if anyone is interested :) If someone wants assets from OpenOOTF please contact me at yangez93 at gmail dot com


Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 5:58 pm
by Arokhs Twin
Nice to hear you decided to continue work on this. Still a long way to go but looking forward to seeing it finished.

Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:14 pm
by yangez93
Thanks for answer Arokhs Twin. I wanted to finish by making couple cutscenes and only part of levels that I haven't made yet, including:Alwarren,Succubus Lair,Grotto and Islands Night. Because recreating world in every detail requires also to do other features such as game mechanics, dragon riding, combat system etc. Project will be finished as fan art so I decided also to remove link to Tech Demo unfortunately. I also wanted to say that it should be reasonable way to recreate Drakan world in modern engines

Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:01 pm
by Drakon Rider-16
Well - this mod project looks like closed already. But I hope this ideas may be valuable for next attempts to build Drakan remake.

This ideas based on the viewing of released movies of gameplay and demos on the used engine.

The most horrible part that I see in these movies is no progress or even just the very beginning at all of Calculated player interaction with world objects. This may be the limitation of used engine ?

May be thanks to gods in 199x years the PC hardware was limited a lot in rendering high polycounts and designers of engine (programmers of Surreal Software Riot Engine) had time to code more or less advanced intercation part of engine. So viewed onscreen player character do not only plays fixed pre-defined animations but has some sort of animation-mixing engine and also inversed-kinematics part of engine. For example it is used when Rynn stays on slope surface - the foots oriented according to slope angle and direction, when Rynn interacts with objects (pick item, use item etc) - the arm is directed and in most times connected to item and moves with item. It is effects of 'visual kinematics'. And also may it contains sort of effects of 'dynamics'. As real objects has it mass the moving of objects do not starts from fixed speed and do not stops immediately. It works not with solid objects like stone (solid body/object) but with connected moving parts (like skeleton joints).

I do not saw almost no one 3rd person PC game after Drakan or about beginning of 200x years but I think there must be progress in 3rd person game engines not only in rendering more polygons, but also with much more advanced kinematics of character's animation/moving. May be even transition from pre-defined animations to computing animation data in realtime based on many input data (armor weight, connected items weight, joints stiffness, real legs position on terrain surface, phase of character's moving like prepare run, start run (acceleration), contitue running on real non-flat surface with computed each leg step on real non-flat surface etc).

The bipedal skeleton structure of 3rd person 3D game character is almost non-changing across the time so I think game engine designers (programmers) can make program code for more advanced software realtime kinematics and dynamics simulation of simplest movings like walk, run, sit, stand etc on the world exploring (and ofcourse melee-fighting too, but it is more game-dependent) as 20 years already passes after Drakan:OOTF and other 3rd person PC games released. As for Drakan as bipedal human + more advanced skeleton Dragon chars game - the code for Dragon char kinematics and dynamics may be harder to make and specific to this game. But where is the progress with the every-one needed physics animation computing for bipedal skeleton character over 20 years ?

Unfortunately in the released demos of Drakan Remake I see almost nothing of described above and possibly even degradation from 199x years Riot Engine - like no Inverse-Kinematics at all.

As I see in Unity Engine documentation it has some sort of IK code - . May be it still poorer in compare with Riot Engine or hard to implement by one person ?

So if there will be progress in current remake attempt or different I ask developers and designers pay attention on the animation part of engine and the resulted gameplay to show any progress on character interaction with world objects and more real physics simulation in compare with 20-years old Surreal Riot Engine from 1999 year.