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Re: Drakan Remake by YanGez93

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:01 pm
by Mechanist
I suspect there's a fair chance it could be simply due to stupid anti-virus programs flagging it as malicious.
Yeah, that's very annoying alright.
It does not help that due to the "limitations" of "modern" (post-DOS) operating systems, KERNEL32.VirtualProtect is the only real way to patch other binaries at runtime - which, incidentally, is also the same approach used by malware for its own purposes.

My patch in particular does a whole bunch of such things, including redirecting the Drakan entry point code execution to user code. At least I don't place the detour right at the entry point, but hook a kernel function call instead - but I don't think it makes much difference in the end, though, as far as false positives are concerned.

Should've thought about some of the original assets being in the remake ATM just serving as placeholders.
If you were to frequent our Discord channel, you'd have seen the completely new fanmade NPC models others have submitted towards the cause.
Although of course that's still just a small fraction of what would be needed to replace all of the original NPC models, not to even mention all of the remaining models (scenery etc.), let alone the entirety of the original assets.