the reason of no strafe

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Correct, people in galleries don't move like people in a fight, but fighting in BOD is done with weapons and circle-strafing, so it's present when actually needed and in the right form.

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What I should've written is that art viewers aren't creeping thru enemy castles, expecting to be attacked at any moment, & trying to avoid lethal traps. Its in these tense pre-combat situations that non-locking strafing/sidling would be a welcome & natural ability.

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The thing is that in real life you can look around while walking, even if your legs are not strictly "strafing". Going back to videogames, this is useful for two things: maneuvering around obstacles while keeping your view on the general direction, or just looking around without having to change the direction you're walking. The strafe makes the control system more agile and natural.

Not that it's a big issue, but I do miss the strafe outside combat. Having to stop everytime you want to see anything is not nice, and neither is having to turn your sight when you want to steer.

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Hmmm, I wonder if something can be done to unlock the view during a locked fight, that would be most useful. Any takers?

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the view? what you mean by that?

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Queso wrote: Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:51 am If you had pay a lil more attention to the movements, animations and physics in general, you would likely conclude they did this solely for the sake of realism. Nobody really strafes in real life, it just doesn't come naturally to the type of morphology the player models are based on.

Almost forgot, hello forum :)
Realism? Are you serious! I love this game with all my being - I still play it (almost) every day - I even have the Combat/Movement/Equipment card on my desk. First, the lock-on method is ridiculous. It never fails to send you off a cliff, into fire or lava, etc.. Plus, you can't run past the target when you need to. Strafe could have been implemented, along side lock-on; just look at some of the scripts. (.py files) I've gotten used it, but it still sucks without it.

Now, as to realism: Since when does is it feel "Real", when you are forced to aim your bow way to the right and slightly down or up? Have you ever used a bow? The dev's dropped the ball on this, as well. As with the strafe, I'm used to this also. Realism. Right.

And, yes, this is a very old game - and a very old post - but I thought I'd take a moment and search for a possible mod that might have addressed these issues. So far, not finding any. I am glad to have found this site, however. Through all of it's flaws, it's still a great game! So thanks for keeping a board for us, Arokh!

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Re: the reason of no strafe

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Strafing would make it too easy.
Look at how a stupid Warband multiplayer swordfight looks like. Just randomly swinging their swords while strafing and moving back and forth.
Severance's gameplay is perfect the way it is. Realistic animations and make you think before every strike. There is a reason why it's so addictive.
It ain't broken, so don't fix it.

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