Who want blade of darkness 2???!! seriously

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Carne Seca
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Re: Who want blade of darkness 2???!! seriously

Post by Carne Seca »

I'm afraid I'd have no use for BOD2.

Stability/glitch fixes plus an updated renderer for the original BOD that performs adequately on a wider range of hardware, allowing shadows to be casted upon objects as opposed to architecture exclusively, that I'd take!

But quite frankly BOD is a rather unique beast, a glorious artifact in video game history that could not be faithfully reproduced today given the rampant mediocrity and mentality of the very few people that can still afford to carry on so major a task.

A source code release campaign, bring it on, but considering the record, what be the odds?


Re: Who want blade of darkness 2???!! seriously

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Hello everyone, I just found this forums. Drakan and BoD was my all time favourite games. And guess what...I'm happened to be an indie game developer :). In the last 6 years I was developing a game named Krum-Edge Of Darkness :D . Yes, not only the name is similar to BoD..actually I wanted to make BoD 2 kind of a game. And now this is all coming real, Krum have been greenlit recently on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =347245948
Some of you may think this is self advertising, but it is not! The game is greenlit, I don't need votes or anything. Just I'm glad I found this forums and now I see how many people still love BoD and Drakan like myself.
See for your self what is done in those years :


I C&C are very welcome.


Re: Who want blade of darkness 2???!! seriously

Post by Ahmad »

I'm dying for blade of darkness 2
I played this game since 2003 and never got bored of it
I wish they do a blade of darkness 2 and please don't make a lot of difference in it
I like the soundtrack and all the castles styles and yhe monsters
The story, in fact everything in this game
I love this game

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