Weather and Time

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Weather and Time

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Enabling weather effects

I'm trying to put weather effects, like snow and rain, in my new level, but the triggers never seem to work. I've used the Wartok Canyons as an example, putting in an "on" trigger across an area and linking it to a snow object, but when I play the game and go through the trigger area, there's no snow! I turned on Debug mode and it recognizes that I'm going through a trigger, so I don't know what the problem is. And I followed the Wartok Canyons model so closely! Could someone tell me how to set up a trigger so that snow appears, because this is really driving me crazy.

detectors dont work in networking so if you were trying to do this in a mp level it probably would do nothing. but if its single player then im not sure why...i havnt played with weather in awhile but what you have there sounds right.

mark outdoor vertices

Wow, I totally missed that! I guess I should have fooled around more with stuff in the editor. Thanks!

Need Help Creating Wind Effects!

I would like to create forests where the leaves are blown around (like in the fall). I don't remember any examples of it in the Game. The sound I got OK but not the rest.

By the way does anyone have any trees other than Pine and Dead Oak?

I'm sure thats a possibility...its probably expensive to get looking good though.

Some classtypes to experiment with might be object generator, bouncing ball, magma follower and maybe boids.

It won't rain or snow

Lord Stone
I have tried to let it rain in a MP level but it won't work. I put a rain icon in the level but raining it is not. Can someone please tell me exactly how I can make it rain....

make sure you have rain on in the engine...its under graphic options...some ppl turn it off.
Rain really isnt complicated at all...just put down a weather object...and make sure you've marked outdoor verts...thats it. Marking outdoor verts is a function found under layer. Everytime you make new layers if you want your rain to work you'l need to do that.


I wanne to have night in my have a skybox but all looks like i have to put a special light in the level???

When you select a layer and go to instance properties, you can do layer lighting. Make this light darker...

Let me explain the several options. Ambient light is in fact what light there is in the shadow, the other box is the lightfall color. There are 2 direction selections. The one determines from what direction the light somes (that is the one you can move all around) and the other determines the angle it comes from...

[email protected] works now...i have the darkest night i ever saw...

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